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Reverse Mentoring

This is an interesting concept I discovered in elementary school when I went to my local high school where there was some teen depression and suicides and caught on to something to help against this.  


While teenagers especially in high school sometimes tune out adults, many do view themselves as a role model to younger kids.  So they pay more attention when a younger kid gives a strong message.  I read this positive message to my high school and it resulted in an English high school teacher writing her class was in tears.  I have had hopes to spread this idea that elementary and middle school kids nationally read positive messages to high schoolers to be an anti-depression and positive platform.

Ocean Boat
MSC Cruises #SuperCoralPlay

This is a Super Bowl 2020 campaign that I did partnering with MSC Cruises who sent me to Miami to cover Super Bowl events and promote #SuperCoralPlay to different stars and media.  


This initiative is all about preserving the corals in our oceans. There are many little things we can do to prevent corals from bleaching. This can be as simple as picking up trash at a beach, recycling, switching to LED lights, etc.. Without our corals, there is no ocean life and that affects humans.  Other partner NFL celebs on the campaign included Larry Fitzgerald and Mark Sanchez who I talked to out there while promoting it to stars like Saquon Barkley and Mark Ingram during interviews.

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 9.45.23 AM.png
Hue Jackson Foundation

This is a partnership I am doing with former NFL Browns and Raiders Head Coach Hue Jackson and his Hue Jackson Foundation to spread the message about kids having self confidence to attack trafficking.


It is important that everyone is aware of the real issues and scenarios behind human trafficking. It is also extremely important that kids are able to separate themselves from these situations.  As a kid media entrepreneur, I am using my platform to spread a positive message to kids about their potential and success to avoid falling into the traps of negativity that lead to issues like trafficking trying to be an example to spread this strong message.

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